The long tells the story of Jessica (Jessica Williams), a playwright who hasn’t yet achieved her success. With a pile of rejection letters, she continues looking for being a famous and prestigious playwright.

Despite his professional problems, the film brings us the love life of Jessica, who at the moment is quite troubled.

In the first act of the movie, we find out that she has just come out of a relationship she does not even know why she’s finished. While still liking her ex-boyfriend, the show already begins with her on a date, ending disastrously.

Working as a waitress in a very expensive restaurant, her friend indicates a new face to leave. Despite not liking the suitor’s profile, Jessica takes the risk and makes an appointment with him, and in that, a romance is established.

From the beginning of production, we can see that the main character is strong, determined, high-spirited and very optimistic. Until, with the unfolding of the plot, we discover the insecurities and fears of the incredible Jessica.

When she meets her family, she shows us how lonely she feels. By getting involved with a Boone application developer (Chris O’Dowd), she shows us how much she trusts him to feel better.

In general, the novel does not settle very well, fluidly, but for not being the central objective of the film, there is no problem whatsoever. The purpose of the narrative is to show the construction and deconstruction of the character Jessica through her own discovery.

In developing her self-confidence, she realizes that success is much closer than she imagines, and that to be accomplished, she does not have to be the best of all playwrights, or the richest.

The film is short but sufficient for the story presented. I could show more about Jessica’s family, better explain this psychological niche of history. With good photography, interesting characters, good assemblage of narrative facts, The incredible Jessica James is a good attraction for any day.

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