Everyone is again waiting for the new episode of Game of Thrones, which has become one of the most sought after and watched series of today. Everyone who accompanies history eagerly awaits to discover who, at the end of every plot, will sit on the iron throne and be the king of all the seven kingdoms of Westeros.

But it is very difficult to have to wait so long between one season and another, just as it is already complicated to wait seven days for a new episode when it is airing for the first time a new season. For this, we have separated a list of 5 series similar to Game of Thrones, so that you stay busy while waiting for the last season, or even after finishing the whole series.


If the mediaeval environment, the great conflicts and the struggle for power of Game of Thrones make your head, perhaps you should also take a look at Vikings, program of the History Channel that revisits the actions of these Nordic warriors from the end of the century VIII.

2Black Sails

Another series featuring major sea battles and power struggles is the recently completed Black Sails, loosely inspired by the classic Scottish literature Treasure Island, which features adventures of pirates, thieves and bounty hunters.

3The Walking Dead

Whether or not his greatest interest in Game of Thrones is the White Walkers horde beyond the Wall, his rightful destination to make up for the lack of GoT is The Walking Dead, an adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s Undead Comics.


However, if your bid is fantasy and maybe a bit of romance, a good option is to check out Outlander, a program that adapts to the literary series The Time Traveler by writer Diana Gabaldon. The caprichada production and the dramas of the characters – with right of comings and goings in the time – have conquered many fans.


Before Game of Thrones, another series that marked time with a plot full of mysteries and secrets was Lost. Completed in 2010, the program also had a large cast, had its own rules and mythology, and generated weekly theories and speculations about its history. It became a classic.


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