The CW has been launching series about DC characters for 7 years, known as Arrowverse, which is the Shared Universe of DC series. The first series launched was Arrow. Then came the series Flash, Vixen, Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine, Supergirl, Freedom Fighters: The Ray and Black Lightning. More recently, the Batwoman series joined the Arrowverse.

We have separated for you the chronological order of the series of the heroes of DC, so that you do not get lost in any crossover.

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1Seasons 2019/20

  • Batwoman 1×01 

  • Supergirl 5×06
  • Black Lightning 3×05
  • Batwoman 1×07

  • Black Lightning 3×08 
  • Black Lightning 3×09 
  • The Flash 6×08 
  • Arrow 8×07 

  • Supergirl 5×09 – CROSSOVER
  • Batwoman 1×09 – CROSSOVER
  • The Flash 6×09 – CROSSOVER
  • Arrow 8×08 – CROSSOVER
  • Legends Of Tomorrow 5×0 – CROSSOVER – (“Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five” is a special ending episode for the crossover. In some places it may appear as the 1st episode of Season 5)

  • Supergirl 5×10
  • Batwoman 1×10
  • Black Lightning 3×10
  • Arrow 8×09 
  • Legends Of Tomorrow 5×01 – (“Meet the Legends” is the first episode after the end of the crossover. In some places it may appear as the 2nd episode of Season 5)

  • Supergirl 5×11
  • Batwoman 1×11
  • Black Lightning 3×11
  • Arrow 8×10 

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