The long awaited seventh season of GOT has finally arrived! The premiere was shown by HBO on July 16, 2017.

Attention! Contains Spoilers!

Before we can even believe that winter has come, Arya Stark is worth the first five minutes of the premiere, making one of the biggest massacres seen in the series.

To make up for our newfound fright, we gained a long shot of white wanderers and their dead rising through a haze filled with suspense. Shortly after, Bran Stark arrives at the wall and finds the guard of the night. Meanwhile, Jon Snow and Sansa Stark in Winterfell are planning a strategy to fight the army of the dead.

Cersei threatens Winterfell, demanding that Jon Snow swear allegiance to the crown. Knowing that his enemies are approaching, including Daenerys Targaryan, Cersei fears to lose the seven kingdoms.

The remaining Greyjoys on the Iron Islands visit King’s Landing at the invitation of Cersei. In a diplomatic conversation, the king of the iron islands proposes to marry her, which refuses.

Sam is being prepared to be a master, serving everyone in everything he can serve. He wishes to have access to the books restricted to the masters, who are the white wanders. Having his request denied, he steals the keys and invades the restricted area.

In Winterfell, Brienne trains the wild soldiers. Little Finger continues with his proposals to Sansa, without success.

On the way to King’s Landing, Arya threatens to kill the queen. Clegane and his fellow travelers discuss the Lord of Light and he finds a family from which he stole everything they had, dead. He buries them.

Sam finds a Dragon Stone map and writes a letter informing Jon Snow. Daenerys’s ships arrive at Dragon’s Stone (standing out for Dany’s jumping boots), and she ends the premiere of the penultimate season in this way, initiating her plans to take the seven kingdoms.

Much anticipated, and not for less, Game of Thrones surprised once again, since it presented us a season as exciting as the previous ones. With a continuity from which we can not complain, all parties are well tied, and history remains concrete.

With a radical beginning and a very long awaited finale, we are already looking forward to the next episodes of this season! And you, how did you like the debut of the 7th season of Game of Thrones? Comment below!

Check out the Season 7 Trailer:

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