The long awaited seventh season of GOT has finally arrived! The premiere was shown by HBO on July 16, 2017.

The second episode, in turn, was much better than the first. The debut had all the anxiety it deserved, but it was an empty episode, without major events. The second came with everything, already changing the course of history.

Attention! Contains Spoilers!

The ep begins with our diva Daenerys Targaryen planning with her allies, the attack on King’s Landing. Targaryen, Tyrell and Dorn are reunited to defeat Cersei and take over the Iron Throne.

After much discussion, the queen decides to attack Castely Rock and end the Lannisters from its root.

In the citadel, Jorah seeks help to heal his illness with the great masters and apprentices. After being disabused by the master, who said that his case was already lost, Sam decides to help him in the sneak, with a very risky technique.

Melissandre visits the Dragon Stone and advises Daenerys to ally with Jon Snow, the king of the north. A crow is sent to Jon, prompting him for a conversation. Despite the danger of being a trap, Jon agrees to go and leaves Sansa as protector of the north during his absence.

Meanwhile, Cersei is preparing for the attack that will surely suffer. She summons lords from other kingdoms and houses to allude to her. Internally, the Lannisters develop a weapon capable of defeating the Daenerys dragons.

Arya discovers that her brothers, Sansa and Jon are alive and they have returned to Winterfell, and leaves for the north. He meets several wolves (beautiful ruskies), but is not attacked. In Dragon Stone, Gray Worm and Missandei sleep together.

Yara and Theon were in one of their ships, preparing trip, when its uncle appears with its army, and a great massacre begins.

The last and most tense scenes are when Yara is captured by her uncle and Theon has the chance to save her, but he recoils and throws himself into the sea, leaving his sister to die.

Without knowing the future destiny of Yara Greyjoy, the ep closes and we want much more!

And you, what do you think about the 7th season of GOT? Leave your comment.

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