The third movie of the franchise begins by reminding us of the great success of Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson), with a show of several races won by our protagonist. Applauded by all, McQueen is strange when Jackson Storm (voice of Armie Hammer) arrives to participate in the races.

With innovative design and full of new technological qualities, Storm arrives to leave McQueen without ground. Soon in the first race together, Jackson Storm wins, leading the public to think that the former champion was too old to run.

In another one of the several races that the two competed, Lightning McQueen loses the control and ends up suffering such a serious accident that he can’t compete for months. He thinks about never racing anymore.

Directed by Brian Fee (Cars), the sequel to the Cars saga is well done. It has a well-organized and divided script of the classic way. His turning points are well established and his plot is somewhat unexpected – which, to me, increases the chances of being a good movie

Thanks to the perfect adaptation of the soundtrack, the film has well defined its moments of greater tension, greater emotion and even the calmest moments.
Despite the positive details, the film sustains the subject in a tiresome way, where only the end saves – in parts – the story.

Check out the trailer:

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