Disjointed is a comedy that unfolds in the workplace of a cannabis distributor in LA. Together with the owner, they work three employees, their son and a very problematic security. All of them are almost always stoned.

Chuck Lorre and David Javerbaum, the series Disjointed brings as main characters Ruth (Kathy Bates), Travis (Aaron Clifton Moten), Olivia (Elizabeth Alderfer), Pete (Dougie Baldwin), Jenny (Elizabeth Ho) and Carter ).

The development of each character is done in a very interesting way. All the main ones, as well as some inserted later in the plot have personal, familiar or loving problems.

Disjointed shows the relationship between the problems faced by the characters and their experience with marijuana use. Whether the drug helps or not is a fairly raised issue in the episodes and is taken as the theme of the series.

In addition to the characters’ personal lives and problems, the series also addresses topics such as resistance to marijuana legalization, ethnic and racial prejudice.

A very interesting point is that although the series is clearly aimed at approving the legalization of drug use, it also shows the other side of the coin as it depicts the behavior of people under marijuana use.

In addition to presenting the drug theme, the huge amount of profanity and malicious jokes meant that the series was rated only for those over 16 years of age.

Overall, the series features cool jokes and a seldom stressed humor, which makes it a good attraction. To watch it and to appreciate its finest details, be it technical, comic or narrative languages, one must be open-minded, leave his prejudices aside and try to see a different proposal, brought in each episode of Disjointed.

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