The movie tells the true story of Operation Dynamo, which occurred during World War II. A group of English and French soldiers are surrounded in Dunkirk, while they are attacked by the German army. The film shows the rescue of these soldiers to return to Great Britain to continue the war.

Surrounded on all sides, the sea, the earth and the air can be your enemies. To convey to the public the tension experienced by these soldiers, according to Christopher Nolan, the director, was the main objective of the film, a goal that was successfully achieved by the film.

From the moment the movie starts, in the movie theater or with good phones at home, you can feel the full thrill of these moments of war. It is almost impossible to be dispersed from what is happening frame by frame.

The sound mix is perfect, as there is a striking split between ambient sounds, noises, and the soundtrack itself. This set of elements guarantees us a unique experience of being in the midst of war.

If there is something bad in the movie, it is certainly the lack of a good development of the characters. At no point is it spoken, explained or shown about the character itself, so that it is difficult to have that attachment or identification to any of them.

Fleeing a little from the normal, the film does not present a structure of three acts, which leaves the long tiring, mainly after having already watched about 40 minutes constant, without variations, without advances in the narrative. The movie gives us the impression of being stopped.

Another important detail is that for those who are apart of world history, surely will be lost in much of the film, if not all of it. The characters don’t dialogue clearly, they don’t explain what is happening, but the plot itself also does not account for explaining the story. It’s a confusing movie.

In technical matters, the film is very good. Maybe the best Nolan ever produced. Emotion is everywhere, in this film, drama is not lacking either. What is missing is something that holds the public. It is necessary to make them have a passion for what they are watching.

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