The original Netflix series tells the story of Jean (Naomi Watts), a very good therapist at what she does. In addition to hearing the stories told by his patients, Jean seeks to get closer to their personal lives by getting involved with their friends and family.

In one such attack, Jean becomes too involved in a relationship with Sidney (Sophie Cookson), with whom she develops a loving relationship.

The problem is because Jean is married to Michel (Billy Crudup) and together they have a daughter. Soon the husband discovers the adventures of Jean and the conflict extends.

Created by Lisa Rubin and directed by Sam Taylor-Wood (50 Shades of Gray), Gypsy presents some characteristics similar to the director’s blockbuster.

Although recently released, the series has already won many fans, who look forward to possible future seasons.

The original work of netflix is available from June 30.

Check out the trailer:

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