Heroin(e) is a documentary directed by Elaine McMillion Sheldon, who reports and reports the numerous cases of drug overdoses in the city of Huntington, West Virginia. The situation is so serious that the city is known as the overdose capital of the United States.

The idea of the documentary is to show the strength of groups struggling to change the Huntington situation. For this, we have as protagonists the missionary Necia Freeman, fire chief Jan Rader and Judge Judge Patricia Keller. These three women, at the head of their departments, struggle to save lives and reintegrate people into society.

Missionary Necia Freeman drives in the early morning preaching about Jesus and delivering toiletries and hygiene kits to prostitute girls and drug addicts. Their goal is to captivate these girls and refer them to a rehabilitation clinic.

Fire chief Jan Rader leads rescues for drug overdose victims. As soon as she finds the victims, she medicates them with Naloxone in order to reanimate victims to resist until the arrival of the doctors. Your strategy saves many lives.

Judge Judge Patricia Keller takes care of the rehabilitation of people who use drugs. In the “drug court” she interviews the patients and judges their rewards or punishments as their habits progress or regress in rehabilitation.

Although the documentary can not provide a solution to the Huntington case, since it is a problem to be solved in the long run, the idea of this audiovisual production is very good. The Huntington case, which might even be unknown to many, can now be seen by any Netflix subscriber.

The quality of the documentary is very good. The film does not count on excesses or exaggerations, but it brings everything in the right measure. I deeply hope that the case will gain even more room in the minds of the people who will assist you, so that we can help the victims of Huntington.

Check out the trailer:

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