Jeff Dunham is an American ventriloquist and Stand Up comedian, best known for creating the character: Achmed – The Dead Terrorist.

In this stand-up, Jeff addresses topics such as family, politics and society. The first doll to introduce himself is Walter, an old man, retired and annoyed, always disgruntled. Married 48, he has a sarcastic view of the world today. He is also a veteran of the Vietnam War.

He plays mostly with Dunham being adopted. In addition, he tells about his youth and gets a good laugh from the audience.

After Walter, we have the presentation of the Irish baby, Seamus. This, in turn, jokes about the use of drugs and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

We also have Bubba J, a drunk who does not understand things and talks a lot of bullshit. It makes the audience laugh with simple jokes.

But the star of the show is Achmed, the Dead Terrorist, a skeleton-only puppet who leads the audience into delirium with jokes about his life before he is killed, as well as terrorist jokes. He jokes that he has no skin, no muscles, nothing but bones.

Achmed talks about women and their old and current dating. Despite being an adult stand-up show, the jokes here are very light, neither childish nor abusive. Achmed is known for his cry: “Silence! I kill you! “(” Silence! I’ll kill you! “).

The last doll of this show is Peanut, a being of a fictitious, purple species with a small green tuft on the head and only a shoe. When this fact was mentioned by Jeff, when asked if Peanut had lost a shoe, Peanut replied, “Nothing expensive, I found one!”.

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