The series features Shin (Yojiro Noda), a young man who has always dreamed of being a great novelist. But when his career did not take off as he had planned, he was surprised by a permanent and unexpected visit.

Minami Shirakawa (Rila Fukushima), Hitomi Tsukamoto (Rena Matsui), Yuki Kobayashi (Miwako Wagatsuma), Midori Suzumura (Rena Takeda) and Nanaka Seki (Yuko Araki), five beautiful and mysterious women willing to pay him a fair sum Take care of them and the house. Even without knowing who sent them and why, Shin accepts the money and the only condition: that he does not ask anything about their past.

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After Okja, the Million Yen Women series came to follow in the Eastern successes in which Netflix has invested.

In action, Yojiro Noda is very bad at the role. Although his character is an emotionally shy and shy young man, Yojiro (vocal of the band Radwimps) manages to pass no emotion in any and all situation experienced by Shin.

On the other hand, the five girls are great in their performances, and their mysteries and suspensions sustain the series with an air of interest, that can catch the attention of all who watch.

The audio is original with subtitles in other languages, which are optional. The idea of keeping the original audio was wonderful. Except for a few good voice actors, the plot with the original voices of the characters ensures a more realistic feeling of all the emotions presented.

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Million Yen Women is a good series, has mystery, comedy, and of course, much romance. It is a good bet to know more about Japanese cinema. The series is available on netflix as of August 15, 2017.

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