The film begins with the young Arlen (Suki Waterhouse, from Insurgent) is exiled from the United States society. After receiving an identification tattoo, Arlen is left in a Texas desert terrain. After hours in the desert, the girl has been kidnapped by a group of cannibals, who cut off one of her arms and one of her legs to feed.

In his prison, several other people are also imprisoned to feed the cannibals. By a stroke of luck, Arlen manages to escape from the cannibals and ends up being taken by a wanderer to a place called Comfort.

In Comfort, governed by The Dream (Keanu Reeves, Matrix), exiles always live at parties and under the influence of various types of drugs. Arlen, in one of his escapades of Comfort, knows “The man of Miami” (Jason Momoa, of Game of Thrones). Together, they embark on the quest for the cannibal’s daughter, sheltered by the Dream, in Comfort.

Veja Também!  Squid Game | When is season 2 going to arrive on Netflix?

The film has great special effects, which account for expressing what a drugged person feels while under the effect of the drug. With a surrealistic look, it manages to organize all these effects in a harmonious way, with a lot of quality.

Although the script is a bit confusing, the story can balance. At the beginning of the feature, one can see the construction of a plot, but soon other subplots take over the film and so on to the end. Because of this disorganization, some points go unexplained, causing the feeling that such points were unnecessary in the plot.

The film does not make it clear, but the story may be set in a post-apocalyptic setting, though there are no Smartphones or high-tech objects in production. In this society, criminals are exiled and exposed to this life presented in Cannibal Loves.

Veja Também!  Squid Game | When is season 2 going to arrive on Netflix?

Although not complete the novel that was established throughout the story, the film brings a very interesting point. People, when exposed to such conditions of life, acquire a certain distrust, fear of interacting with one another. Most of the characters, most of the time, do not talk, do not say their names and when they communicate, it is gestural, ancestor.

In general, the film has a very rich cast and full of good actors. In this aspect, it leaves to be desired, since all expected much more of these so requested actors. But his performances are excellent. Cannibal loves is a good attraction.

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Veja Também!  Squid Game | When is season 2 going to arrive on Netflix?


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