The film tells the story of WALL-E, short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class (Ben Burtt’s original voice), which is the last robot left on Earth to clean up the dirt that humans have produced. By this time, the planet is empty and all people have been sent to another planet, since Earth had become unsuitable for survival.

Throughout the 700 years that WALL-E worked cleaning the Earth (though it hardly seemed to have worked), the robot acquired its own personality and started to feel alone.

Some time later, suddenly, a large spaceship lands on Earth and leaves a robot, much more sophisticated and technological than WALL-E. The EVA robot had been sent to check if the Earth was restored and if humans could already return to their planet.

After being closer, WALL-E presents to EVA a seedling plant that he has found. At the same time, programmed for this, EVA returns from where it was sent to deliver the plant to the captain of the spaceship that housed the humans (original voice of Jeff Garlin). What they did not know was that returning to Earth would not be such an easy task.

Soon in the first scenes of the film, we are introduced to an Earth littered with garbage. The feel of the scene is stifling. Then we are sensitized to the poor WALL-E working at every moment to find a way on Earth. Worst of all, we know that there is no way for him to fix Earth.

As an animation and aimed at children, we recognize that the proposal of Pixar is beyond daring to expose an “adult” problem in a way so simple that any child can understand what is going on in the plot.

Directed by Andrew Stanton, Wall-E had six nominations for the 2009 Oscars, of which he won the Best Animation Award.

Praised by critics, loved by almost every fan, Wall-E is certainly one of the best films of all time.

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