The long tells the story of a couple, Alison (Halston Sage) and Tyler (Taylor John Smith), who have been together for quite some time. At a party, the appearance of an ex-boyfriend of Ali causes a terrible fight between the two, and in the heat of the moment, they break up the relationship.

Very disappointed with what had just happened, Tyler leaves the party with Holly (Bella Thorne) to try to save that night. On next day, Tyler decides to retake with Alison, but Holly doesn’t accept it was just a one-night stand. From there, Holly, obsessed by Tyler, chases after him and threatens to tell Alison what happened between them.

Directed by Brent Bonacorso (The Narrow World), the film has a very common history, the kind of cliché that is rarely used by great directors and producers. Without originality for the composition of the script, the way of telling the story is also quite simple. We do not see the use of special effects, because it is an ordinary video, nothing surprising.

The few bites of suspense in some scenes, in a way, save the film, bringing a brief and diluted memory of some horror films, but nothing that lasts more than seconds.

The soundtrack presents itself enough to support the film, without being very good or differentiated. But despite the cliché, the outcome is interesting, at the same time it is uncertain, without being bad. The film gives no indication of a second or continuation, as its story is fully known to anyone who has not yet seen it, but can be considered a good distraction for any day.

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